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Pixel Art Programmable Display

Pixel Art Programmable Display

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Extend your playing universe beyond the anywhere

Best Desk Decoration No matter for your game room or dressing table. Would be the most unique decor in your sight

Hang anywhere

Decorate the room or decorate the store with an interesting pattern; it helps to boost the store traffic by drawing the customer's visual attention.

It’s time you fully immerse yourself in your favorite movies. Sync the dynamic animation with vivid colors, greatly enhancing your festival experience.

Bedside Alarm

Good bedside alarm with a sleep aid function. Calibrated lighting and sleep cycle customizable settings offer you a better sleep experience.

Unique Useful Features

Pixel Art Creation-Create any pixel art animation easily via the mobile application, or you can convert GIF to display. You can also display a QR code of your choice. Best of all, you can search for your desired design from the massive online gallery, and interact with other pixel art fans around the world.